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Company Profile

Company Profile
Located in the northwestern corner of Wenxian County, hometown of Sima, Henan Wanlong Precision Casting Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is an enterprise that produces stainless steel precision casting, carbons steel precision and other casting and conducts precision machinery processing and deep processing of casting. It is member of China Foundry Association and director of Henan Foundry Branch. With 390 employees working for it, it passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2002. 90% of its products are exported to the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions through International Trade Department, China Procurement Department of Cross-boundary Company and domestic foreign trade export companies while around 10% of its products are serving domestic large-scaled companies.
Conditions on production and management
The Company has a scientific management system, profound technical strength and a team of young, vibrant and highly professional employees excel at production. For over one dozen years, Wanlong has been adhering to the operation tenet of ‘seeking for existence with quality, asking for profits from science and technology and providing of high-quality products and services to users’. It has been reinforcing the awareness on putting credit as the paramount important position and quality coming first.
Wanlong now has three production zones: 1# Zone is located at the southern corner of Xiaojinxiang Village, Fantian Town that covers a land area of 13200 square meters. It has 2 production lines of sodium silicate and 1 heat treatment workshop that is dominated by production of carbon steel and alloy steel with an annual production of casting totaling 2000 tons. 2# Zone is located at 24 kilometers from Zihuang Road that covers 26400 square meters and was put into operation in 2004 with precision casting shop, machining workshop and post treatment of casting set up under it. Its casting workshop has 2 production lines of ludox casting and its primary work procedures are done in production line at constant temperature. It is dominated by production of fiddly stainless steel casting with a yearly casting totaling 300 tons. Its machining workshop now has 20 CNC digital controlled lathes, 10 center lathes and 18 general-purpose machine tools such as CNC milling machine and drilling and milling planer of all sorts that can be used to conduct machinery processing on casting, mould and outsourcing products. Workshop on post treatment of casting owns 1 electropolishing production line, 2 production lines on bright finish, numerous punching machines used to correct large tonnage and deep processing on surface of various casting following varying needs of clients. 3# Zone is located behind 2# Plant that covers 43290 square meters. It incorporates the general office building and four workshops on special type cast steel, large-scaled processing, heat processing and large-scaled assembly. Special type steel-casting foundry was up and running in April, 2010 that incorporates 1 production line for sand casting and evanescent mould casting with an annual production of special type steel casting at 5000 tons; its large-scaled processing workshop has over 20 facilities including gantry machining center, automatic boring machine, radial drilling machine, CNC lathe and vertical lathe, etc; and its large-scaled assembly shop has been finished and orders on purchase of facilities are ongoing.

Development course of the Company
In 1993, over 5 million Yuan was input to build Wenxian County Wanlong Precision Casting Plant (former body of Henan Wanlong Precision Casting Co., Ltd.), a sole proprietorship. It is located in the southern corner of Xiaojinxiang Village and mainly produced carbon steel products.
In 2000, over 10 million Yuan was input to build the second factory of Wanlong that is located in Zihuang Section, Fantian Town and mainly produced stainless steel products.
In September, 2000, Wanlong was approved as a member of China Foundry Association.
In 2004, Li Xianzhong undertook the job title as factory director of Wenxian County Wanlong Precision Casting Plant.
In 2004, Wanlong was rated as ‘Advanced Unit for Safe Production for 2004’ and ‘Company with Integrity’ by People’s Government in Wenxian County
In 2005, Wanlong was recorded in Henan Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and acquired autonomous export right.
In April, 2005, Li Xianzhong was conferred the honor as ‘Model Worker in Jiaozuo (Advanced Worker)’ by Jiaozuo Municipal People’s Government.
In 2006, Wanlong was rated as ‘client with sound credit’ by Henan provincial banking industry by Henan Provincial Banking Association.
In 2006, Wanlong was rated as ‘Grade-A Export Supplier’ by YTO International Economy and Trade Co., Ltd and American CMP Corporation
In lunar January, 2007, ‘Henan Wanlong Precision Casting Co., Ltd.’ was registered
In December, 2007, it passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.
In lunar January, 2008, the registered trademark of ‘Wanlongda’ was applied and registered  
In August, 2008, its products were rated as ‘Quality Products’ by Henan Brand-name Strategy Promotion Committee and Henan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
In October, 2008, its invention entitled ‘application method of high-temperature rock wool core technology in stainless steel precision casting’ has been applied for patent and accepted. Its patent number is ZL200810230734.3.
In December, 2008, the Company was rated ‘Private Company with Integrity in Henan for 2008-2009’ by Henan Provincial Review Committee on Private Enterprises with Integrity’
In April, 2009, ‘Wanlongda’ hardware products produced by the Company were approved as ‘China’s Famous Brand’ by China Middle and Light Product Quality Assurance Center.
In July, 2009, the Company Technology Center was rated ‘13th Provincial Company Technology Center in Henan’.
In April, 2010, the Company was rated among ‘Top 50 Companies in Integral Strength’ by Henan Provincial Foundry Industry Association.
In November, 2012, the Company was rated as among the second batch of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises for 2012 by Jiaozuo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.
In September, 2013, the Company made active preparation for listing in New Three Board. Now it’s going through the restructuring stage and was predicted to accomplish application of materials by June, 2014 and finish auditing and listing by July.
In June, 2014, the Company underwent stock reform and changed its name to Henan Wanlong Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
In January, 2015, the Company was listed in New Three Board of Share Transfer System for Small and Medium-sized Companies Countrywide and the Company was abbreviated as Wanlong Precision Casting with the stock code as 83171.  
In September, 2015, the Company was granted 8 patents for utility models.

Company Development Planning
Under the pressure of downward domestic economy, the Company seized upon the big opportunity on successful public listing of New Three Board for equity transfer system of middle and small-sized enterprises in Beijing at the beginning of 2015 and by controlling management and establishing image, it spared no efforts to resolve difficulties under the new normalcy, make innovations to develop new products and affirm confidence to refresh the new milestone. By constantly developing new products and with the help of New Three Board, it enhances financial channels and accelerates sound and rapid development of the Company. To help its rapid and healthy development, the Company has been cooping with Henan Polytechnic University and other domestic universities based on the guidance mindset on enterprise-university-research integration in terms of new product development, and has researched and developed centrifugal crusher and roller mill project used for mines. This project is energy-conservative, environmental and high in added value that confirms to national industrial policies and enjoys sound marketing prospect. After the project is put into operation, it displays an active effect on rapid and sound development of the company after IPO, local economic growth and social arrangement of employees. Average sales for each set of crusher and roller mill tally 2 million Yuan. As 25 machines are planned to be manufactured for 2016, it can help add up to sales of 50 million Yuan and realize a yearly sales of 0.13 billion Yuan. The operation objective of the Company is to realize an annual production of 200 roller mills with a sales revenue of 0.5 billion Yuan, a total profits and tax reaching 0.2 billion Yuan and a margin of 0.12 billion Yuan by 2018. The economic benefit is quite sizable. In the meantime, it has one patent for invention being applied and is ready to declare for a new high-tech enterprise.