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Chairman’s Speech

Thanks are given to extensive clients and all walks of the society for your care, help and support to the course of Wan Long.
Founded in 1993, Henan Wanlong Precision Casting Co., Ltd. has been forever adhering to the operation concept of ‘putting integrity as top priority and quality as the most supreme factor’, making available ‘more cordial, considerable, delicate and essential’ services with high qualities and incessantly improving clients’ satisfaction and brand reputation. Like a life-giving spring breeze and rain, the company’s enterprise culture building is tacitly and profoundly reshaping mental concept and spiritual pattern of employees as a whole, as new trend of labor as glory, knowledge as sublimity, talents as treasure and creation as grand has been deeply imbedded in people and such spirits as self-esteem, confidence, self-independence and self-improvement have become the dominating factor in employees’ mindset and such spirits on dedication to the job, innovative development, striving for excellence and being bold in devotion constitute the inexhaustible motive force for harmonious development of employees and companies. We expect that with practice from employees as a whole, connotation of the enterprise culture can be gradually enriched and essence of enterprise culture can be enhanced so as to further invigorate spirits, round up strength, stimulate learning competence and innovative power, incessantly explore the development fountain of enterprise development by rooting on the epochal era of harmonious development, and work hard and sturdily towards the goal of harmonious and efficient civilization.